Caspian International School of Medicine Kazakhstan Caspian International School of Medicine Kazakhstan

Caspian International School of Medicine, Kazakhstan.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


MBBS course as per NMC (National Medical Commission) norms.


Approved by WHO (World Health Organization)


Associate with International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA)


Affiliated to Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA).


Accredited by Foundation For Advancement Of International Medical Education And Research (FAIMER).


Accredited by World Federation Of Medical Education (WFME).

About Caspian International School of Medicine, Kazakhstan

Caspian International School of Medicine Kazakhstan
Caspian International School of Medicine (Caspian University) is one of the top mbbs colleges in Kazakhstan. The college was established in 1992. The Caspian International School of Medicine is located in Almaty.
Caspian University is a multifunctional university that is positioned on the educational services market as a university that provides excellent, continuing education through pre-secondary education, bachelor's degree, and magistracy courses.
Caspian University offers bachelor's university courses (for example MBBS) in 18 areas, as well as six master's university courses and two doctorate Ph.D. programs. Training of highly skilled medical professionals who are competitive and in demand across the world.
Caspian University is a dynamically growing, research-based international medical school that educates healthcare professionals via the merger of education, science, and clinics.
Caspian University is a multidisciplinary university and is positioned on the market of educational services as a university providing quality, continuing education under the programs of pre-secondary education (college), bachelor and Magistracy (University).
Caspian University has professionalism as one of the core values and adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards. The university capitalizes on Innovation as a source of new knowledge generation and learning technology.
Being the owners of the national quality mark “Flawless”, Caspian International School of Medicine today is the guarantor of quality education, striving to meet high standards of international level.
Innovation is the key, and the university ultimately values new technologies to bring deep knowledge about medical science and quality education.
MBBS degree is in demand and will always remain in the direction of interdisciplinary research and medical care. The sole purpose of CISM is to increase the number of doctors in patient services and medical research.
Caspian International School of Medicine is a multidisciplinary university that offers medical students a high-quality, ongoing education. Professionalism is one of the most fundamental ideas, as well as adherence to the most important professional and moral principles.
Training of highly qualified medical professionals, competitive and in demand in the world community.
Caspian International School of Medicine is a research international medical school that trains healthcare professionals through the integration of education, science and clinics, dynamically developing and responsive to the needs and expectations of society.

Why Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Due to the limited number of government medical seats in India, and high tuition fees at private universities, a lot of aspirants are unable to pursue their dream of studying MBBS in India. However, international universities like Caspian International School of Medicine have been able to tap into this student group simply by keeping their low MBBS fees, high standard of education, and above all providing a larger number of seats as compared to their government counterparts in India.
Kazakhstan is one of the safest countries for Indian students from where they can complete their medical program. The MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan have a proper security system with CCTV surveillance on the college campus as well as in the hostels.
The fees for MBBS universities in India are quite expensive, whereas the MBBS Fee in Kazakhstan is low and affordable.
MBBS Tuition fee in Kazakhstan is affordable. There is no need to pay a donation to get MBBS admission. The colleges will publish their course fees for each year.
The tuition fees and cost of living in Kazakhstan are low.
Medical students have access to world-class educational resources, and it's a wonderful place to study MBBS in Kazak because it's safe and peaceful.
For MBBS admission, there are no additional entrance tests, and the language spoken on campus is English for the convenience of all foreign and Indian students.
Kazakhstan medical universities have one of the best labs and research facilities in the world for medical students.
It has become a medical education hub, with students from Asia, Europe, and Africa coming to enroll.
Medical universities in Kazakhstan fully satisfy NMC norms, WHO(World Health Organization), and other organizations, and have experienced faculties who can assist students
Most of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan have On-campus and off-campus housing options, that suit all living requirements.

Geography and Climate in Kazakhstan

Caspian International School of Medicine Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is a beautiful country located in Central Asia and shares a land border with Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan. It is the world’s largest landlocked country, and ninth largest in the world. Kazakhstan is one of the most affordable destinations to study MBBS Abroad.
Almaty has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. It is characterized by the influence of mountain–valley circulation. This is especially evident in the northern part of the city, located directly in the transition zone of the mountain slopes to the plains.
Annual average air temperature is equal to 10 °C (50 °F), the coldest month is January, −4.7 °C (24 °F) (on average), the warmest month (July) 23.8 °C (75 °F) (on average). In average years frost starts on about 14 October and ends on about 18 April, with sustained extreme cold from about 19 December to about 23 February, a period of about 67 days.

Why to choose Caspian International School of Medicine

World-class infrastructure
CISM is one of the top Universities of Kazakhstan offering world-class infrastructure and the best educational standards

Skilled faculty
Skilled faculty and expert Medical Practitioners to train and gain knowledge

Advanced labs
Modern campus and latest technological laboratories

Well-equipped library
Modernized library and recreational facilities

Safe and secure
Highly safe and secured environment for International Students

Affordable fee
The fee structure in Caspian University is low and affordable

Agile management
A best and modern operating system providing quick and agile management facilities

FMGE / NeXT Training
Coaching is provided for the FMGE / NeXT exam for all the students by Indian professors on the campus

Why study MBBS at Caspian International School of Medicine:

Caspian University is an authorized college by the Medical Council of India, satisfies all the NMC norms so students who complete their education can return to India and work there by clearing FMGE / NeXT exam.
The Professors and instructors at Caspian have advanced qualifications and experience..
The Caspian University provides an atmosphere in which Indian students may learn and improve their professional abilities with the help of some of the greatest experts in the country.
Caspian university offers unique courses like nuclear medicine that are not available anywhere else.
The development of effective medical, educational, and social technologies, as well as new scientific research, are all necessary for successful work for the benefit of society, which is Caspian International School of Medicine's most important goal.
The Caspian University provides a high-quality MBBS education at a very low cost. Indian students are encouraged to apply so that they get a quality education at a low cost.
In an exchange program, Caspian International School of Medicine collaborates with a number of medical institutions across Europe and the rest of the globe.
Caspian University students will have access to well-equipped resources to assist them in better understanding the topic.
There are research programmers who can help students understand diverse medical views. CISM offers masters and Ph.D. degrees, allowing students to continue their studies beyond graduation.
A MBBS graduate of Caspian University will be well prepared to confront the challenges that await them outside of the university.
Caspian University have everything they need to set up a real-world medical service. Caspian International School of Medicine assists students in finding employment, and there will be a variety of campus interviews where qualified candidates will be placed with favorable results.
Indian students will be able to follow along because the language of teaching will be English.
Since the Caspian University tuition is affordable and this campus offers all of the amenities required, most of the Indian students prefer to join Caspian to study MBBS.

Accommodation and Hostel Facilities in Caspian International School of Medicine:

Caspian International School of Medicine has hostels inside the university campus. The hostel provides students with comfortable accommodations and nutritious Indian meals regularly.
All of the hostels in Caspian University include CCTV surveillance, fire alarm safety systems, modern security features, and round-the-clock security. So the Indian students studying MBBS in Caspian University feel very safe and secure.
On-campus, there are separate rooms and hostels for boys and girls. Indian students will have the option of choosing two, three, or four sharing bedrooms.
At Caspian International School of Medicine Indian mess is also available where Indian food is prepared and served to the students.
They provide laundry with washing machines for the convenience of the Indian students.
Other facilities at Caspian International School of Medicine include: Sports complex, Play ground, Wi-Fi campus, Transport service, Cafeteria, ATMs, Bank, Central library, Auditorium.

Student’s life at Caspian International School of Medicine:

MBBS education is in high demand today and will continue to be so in the fields of multidisciplinary research and healthcare in the future. The only objective of medical education today is to expand the number of doctors available for patient care and medical research, as well as to address the global scarcity of doctors with high-quality training.
Caspian University has established Caspian International School of Medicine under the University umbrella in response to this requirement. The medical school has cutting-edge lecture halls and learning facilities. Multiple medical faculty departments, as well as well-equipped labs and training centers, are housed inside the campus.

MBBS Duration and Fee structure in Caspian International School of Medicine:

The Caspian International School of Medicine provides a six years course of MBBS including 1 year of internship.
The Indian students also get an excellent opportunity to practice at university-affiliated hospitals after getting a 5-year MBBS degree dedicated to theoretical education of medicine.
The Indian students who are studying MBBS from Caspian University gets ample opportunity to apply for jobs in any part of the world. Once they obtain the certificate to practice anywhere in the world, they can get the country-wise certificate as well to be able to practice medicine after their graduation.
The cost of pursuing MBBS abroad is at par or lower as compared to private universities in India. On successful completion of their course students are allowed to practice in the host country.

The basic eligibility to Study MBBS in Caspian International School of Medicine:

The candidate must pass a recognized board's higher secondary examination or an equivalent competent test.
A minimum of 50% and above in PCB subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and English is required in the 10+2 examination.
During the MBBS admission, the candidate must be at least 17 years old.
Indian students must obtain a valid NEET score if they want to practice in India by clearing FMGE / NeXT exam.
The student should have a Valid passport.

Process to Get MBBS admission for Indian Students in Caspian International School of Medicine, Kazakhstan Through eWings:

Admission process of MBBS in Caspian University is not a very complicated process. In order to get MBBS admission in CISM, students have to satisfy a simple eligibility criteria which is compulsory for all international students to confirm a seat in the university.
No entrance examination will be taken by the University for granting admission. However, the above mentioned eligibility criteria is strictly followed by the University for MBBS admission. Seats are allocated on first come first serve.
Indian students have to contact eWings on 8806688068, 9441012369.
eWings expert counsellors answer your call and give you the required information.
We suggest visiting our office and have an interaction with our expert counsellors, they will answer all your questions related to MBBS abroad education and MBBS admissions.
Once the MBBS admission is confirmed with Caspian International Medical University, Kazakhstan our documentation team follow up with you to complete all the admission procedure and assist you in smooth boarding to begin your travel for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Brief about Caspian University, Kazakhstan

Caspian International School of Medicine Kazakhstan
Located in a beautiful city Almaty which is located in south-eastern Kazakhstan, almost 1000 km from the capital Astana. Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek is 190 km to the west.
The region is also home to the Mynjylky mountain plateau, an elevated plain located at the source of the Malaya Almaatinka River at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level.
NOTE: MBBS admissions in Caspian International Medical University are confirmed on a first come first serve basis. Hence, it is advised to book your seat as soon as possible if you are eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS in Caspian International School of Medicine

Is Caspian International School of Medicine MCI approved?

The medical course provided by the Caspian International Medical University is as per the NMC norms and hence it is approved by NMC or MCI to pursue MBBS from Kazakhstan.

Is Caspian University good for MBBS?

Caspian International School of Medicine ranks good position among all higher education medical institutions of Kazakhstan. It has recognition from NMC as well as WHO, so the medical degree from Caspian ISM is valid in whole world. So, yes it is a Good College.

What is the ranking of Caspian International School of Medicine?

Caspian International School of Medicine is one of the top public universities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It holds good rank in the world ranking.

How to apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

To be eligible to apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan the candidate must have completed a higher secondary or an equivalent degree from a recognized university or board and must be of 17 years at the time of admission. MBBS in Kazakhstan without NEET cannot be permitted in India if they want to practice in India and want to attempt FMGE / NeXT. To get admission is Kazakhstan contact eWings Abroad Educational Consultancy on 8806688068.

How many marks are required in NEET for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The candidate must secure qualifying marks in NEET exam for MBBS seat in Georgia, if they want to take NeXT test or practice in India after the MBBS course.

What is the MBBS fee in Caspian International School of Medicine?

MBBS Fee in Caspian International School of Medicine is low and affordable than many other medical institutions in the world.

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