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Kazakh-Russian Medical University Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


MBBS course as per NMC (National Medical Commission) norms.


Approved by WHO (World Health Organization)


Approved by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)


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About Kazakhstan Russian Medical University (KRMU), Kazakhstan

Kazakh Russian Medical University
Kazakh-Russian Medical University was founded in 1992. It is a private higher education institution for MBBS, located in the large city of Almaty. It is officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science. The Kazakhstan Medical University Almaty is one of the top MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan. Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KRMU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognised higher education degrees in several areas of study.
KRMU is a private institute in Kazakhstan and offers a varied range of courses within the premises out of which MBBS course being a preferred choice for Indian students.
Situated in Almaty which is a big city in Kazakhstan, the ancient and beautiful city of Kazakhstan is so prominent that cannot be left without a visit while being in Kazakhstan. The city itself gives reasons for the visit and stay that attracts many Indian students to choose both the university as well as Almaty for pursuing MBBS studies. Economically & socially developed, the city is incomparable and hence the most populous city in Kazakhstan. The city of Almaty derived its name from Almaty which means Apple.
The Kazakh Russian Medical University builds a culture that gives Indian students an immediate attention in all its activities. Kazakh-Russian Medical University also known as KRMU encourages Indian students to use all the opportunities that allow them to participate in the cultural and intellectual diversity of the university and develop on its basis. The Youth Affairs Committee advises and supports Indian students to make their MBBS study experience as successful as possible.
The Kazakh Russian Medical University has tie ups with the Federal Centre of Heart, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Bashkir State Medical University, Omsk State Medical Academy, etc.
Things you need to know before pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan:
The country of Kazakhstan has a 99.7% literacy rate (7th position in the world), and it is located in the heart of Asia, with 18.7 million people. Almaty is the largest city there. Numerous MBBS Colleges in Almaty welcome Indian students to study there. The MBBS educational standards at KRMU are on par with those of Indian medical universities. Kazakhstan is the ideal alternative for Indian students who wish to study MBBS overseas but are worried about the high tuition costs. Kazakhstan provides top-notch MBBS education at a fair and low cost.
The best option for Indian students looking to pursue MBBS in abroad at a low tuition cost is to study in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is making progress in the area of global education. Indian students with MBBS degrees from Kazakhstan’s medical university are well-known and respected worldwide. Kazakhstan offers international students’ fantastic opportunities and boasts various languages and climates.
The infrastructure of these universities is the best aspect of any medical university or college in Kazakhstan. Since the colleges were luxuriously constructed, everything from the classrooms to the labs to the nearby hospitals, research facilities, sports complexes, etc., is high caliber. The students have a better learning environment because of the excellent infrastructure.

Why choose MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is quickly gaining popularity as a study MBBS abroad option for Indian students. The popularity of MBBS in Kazakhstan is due to a variety of factors.
The curriculum at Kazakhstan’s medical schools is comprehensive and challenging.
The MBBS curriculum in Kazakhstan is as per the NMC norms of India. So, any student doing MBBS in Kazakhstan will be eligible to take the FMGE / NeXT test in India.
In Kazakhstan’s medical universities, 25% of the seats are set aside for international students.
Students are exempted from taking language proficiency exams like the IELTS and TOEFL.
For Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad, the cost of living in Kazakhstan is lower than in any other country.
The duration of MBBS course in Kazakhstan is same as that in India. As per the NMC guidelines the MBBS course in Kazakhstan is valid in India.
MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan have infrastructure up to international standards and well-equipped labs.
Research claims that most of students coming to Kazakhstan are from India. India is among the top 50 countries for sending the most students to Kazakhstan.
Finding Indian food is not at all a challenge for Indian students who want to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. There are Indian mess facilities in the Kazakhstan medical universities.
Kazakhstan has a low crime rate, so the Indian students need not to worry about security.
Kazakhstan’s MBBS programme has international recognition.
By completing an internship in one of Kazakhstan’s top hospitals, you can give your career a good turn.
Kazakhstan medical education system focused on imparting both theoretical and practical skills.
The tuition fees and living expenses for MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable for the Indian students.
The Medical Universities in Kazakhstan works with great professionals, doctors, and researchers, that is the major reason why Indian students show interest to take admission for MBBS in Kazakhstan.
The Kazakhstan weather conditions are excellent for the Indian students.
MBBS fees in Kazakhstan are very low when compared to other medical universities.

Geography and Climate in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Russian Medical University Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country and former Soviet republic, extends from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at its eastern border with China and Russia. Its largest metropolis, Almaty, is a long-standing trading hub whose landmarks include Ascension Cathedral, a tsarist-era Russian Orthodox Church, and the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, displaying thousands of Kazakh artifacts.
About Almaty City:
Almaty is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan near the border with Kyrgyzstan. Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis, is set in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains. Almaty has a humid continental climate with more rainfall than the rest of the country. Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of 1,421,868.
The city of Almaty has one the best climates as compared to any other region of Kazakhstan. Almaty has a mountainous terrain and also surrounded by valleys. This gives a humid continental type of climate to Almaty region.
This climate makes an easy survival for students staying in this region. Annual average air temperature is approximately 10 °C. January is the coldest month where the average temperature goes around 4.7 °C. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 23.8 °C. Winters start from October till April with December and January months as extreme cold. Summers are hot where the average temperature ranges from 30-32 °C. April & May are the wettest months.
Traveling to Almaty:
The Almaty International Airport is located at a distance of approximately 15kms from the city center.
The international airport also caters for some domestic flights. The Almaty airport has good connectivity with flights from India and also different parts of the world.
The bus and trains are of course available as a means of local transport to travel within the country.

Why to choose Kazakh-Russian Medical University

Recognized internationally
Kazakh-Russian Medical University comes under the WHO, and MCI and which is also recognized internationally.

Quality education
The standard of MBBS education at Kazakh-Russian Medical University is high and also FMGE / NeXT training is provided to the Indian students by Indian faculty.

Comfortable hostels
The hostels in Kazakh-Russian Medical University are well furnished with necessary amenities. Separate hostels for boys and girls.

Cost-effective program
Affordable tuition fees and living expenses at the university.

Highly efficient
The education system of Kazakh Russian Medical University is focused on both theoretical and practical skills.

Teaching Staff
Renowned teaching staff and faculty members are present at the university.

Advantages of studying MBBS at Kazakh Russian Medical University:

The tuition fees for MBBS study in Kazakh Russian Medical University is very affordable for Indian students.
The living conditions for Indian students are very good and living expenses are also very cheap and affordable.
The Kazakh Russian Medical University is well equipped with all the modern equipments and facilities required for MBBS course.
The mode of education in Kazakh Russian Medical University is English medium.
It is very easy for the Indian students to adjust to the surroundings at KRMU
Kazakh Russian Medical University is one of the best private MBBS colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan, preferred by the Indian students.
The KRMU university provides medical training at renowned medical institutions to its students.
The faculty at Kazakh Russian Medical University includes more than 200 lecturers who are also well-known doctors and foreign scientists.
The Indian Students get to study & even practice in leading medical centres in Almaty.
KRMU maintains a world-class medical education by providing modern facilities and the latest medical equipment.
MBBS Degree of Kazakhstan is 100% valid in India. Kazakhstan has MCI/NMC-approved medical universities, but before practicing in India, you have to qualify the FMGE or NeXT exam.

Accreditations of Kazakh Russian Medical University:

NMC (National Medical Council)
Medical Council of India (MCI)
World Health Organization (WHO)
World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
Republic of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science

Student’s life at Kazakh Russian Medical University:

Indian students are provided with excellent hostel facilities at Kazakh Russian Medical University.
Kazakh Russian Medical University has a system of well furnished, safe, and comfortable hostels for Indian students and international students in separate buildings.
Indian students are provided rooms on a two or three sharing basis.
The Kazakh-Russian Medical University provides its students with excellent healthcare services, catering, and recreation facilities.
All rooms of the Kazakh-Russian Medical University are quite spacious and fully furnished for comfortable living.
Rooms at the dormitories are well ventilated and provide all basic amenities to the students.
Hostels of Kazakh Russian Medical University are equipped with a library, reading rooms, and gym facilities for Students
At Kazakh Russian Medical University’s hostel, there is a common kitchen in which the Indian students can also cook Indian food as per their choice.
There are canteens and buffets at the KRMU that serve hygienic Indian food in the campus buildings.
Indian students staying at Kazakh Russian Medical University are safe and secure as the hostels are equipped with surveillance facilities and security is ensured 24×7.
The Indian students have all conditions for enjoying sport and social activities such as the Internet, swimming pools, sports halls, etc.
For Indian students and international students at the KRMU university, different social and cultural events are organized by the university.
The KRMU university provides sporting facilities such as sports complexes which includes volleyball, badminton, athletic stadiums, gymnasium, tennis, indoor football, etc.
At Kazakh Russian Medical University, there are different clubs and departments to give encouragement to students’ extracurricular activities like healing voice (singing), the debate club, Morphine for dance, NAMYS for sports, Media Avengers (Photo and video hunters of all student events) etc.

MBBS Duration and Fee structure in Kazakh Russian Medical University:

The duration of MBBS course at Kazakh Russian Medical University is 6 years, out of which 1 year is internship. The MBBS fee in KRMU is affordable and low when compared to B and C category medical seats in India.
Clinical Practice:
After the 6th Semester of MBBS study in Kazakh Russian Medical University, the students goes to the affiliated hospitals of the university and practice under the supervision of specialized doctors. Kazakh Russian University has arranged foreign teachers & Experts from Pakistan, India, and Nepal to deliver the medical lectures in English.
Kazakh Russian University is providing good practical facilities to the Indian students so that they can test their knowledge about medicine & body complex issues. The curriculum was mostly governed in a traditional way, with lectures being the core, little use of e-learning tools, and assessment through oral exams and multiple-choice questions.

The basic eligibility to Study MBBS in Kazakh Russian Medical University:

Students from India need to fulfil the below-given eligibility criteria to study MBBS at Kazakh Russian Medical University:
A student must have chemistry, physics, and Biology as the main subject in 12th standard. A minimum of 50% and above in PCB subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and English is required in the 10+2 examination.
During the MBBS admission, the candidate must be at least 17 years old.
Indian students must obtain a valid NEET score if they want to practice in India by clearing FMGE / NeXT exam.
The student should have a Valid passport.

Documents Required to get Admission for MBBS in Kazakh Russian Medical University:

When applying for MBBS admission in Kazakh Russian Medical University, students have to submit certain documents. The required documents for MBBS in KRMU are as follows:
10th Marks sheet
12th Marks sheet
Birth Certificate
Passport Size Photographs
NEET Scorecard
Valid Indian Passport
You will get MBBS admission from Kazakh Russian Medical University through eWings if you have presented all documents and meet all the eligibility criteria.

Process to Get MBBS admission for Indian Students in Kazakh Russian Medical University, Kazakhstan Through eWings:

Admission process of MBBS in Kazakh Russian Medical University is not a very complicated process. In order to get MBBS admission in KRMU, students have to satisfy a simple eligibility criteria which is compulsory for all international students to confirm a seat in the university.
No entrance examination will be taken by the University for granting admission. However, the above mentioned eligibility criteria is strictly followed by the University for MBBS admission. Seats are allocated on first come first serve.
Indian students have to contact eWings on 8806688068, 9441012369.
eWings expert counsellors answer your call and give you the required information.
We suggest visiting our office and have an interaction with our expert counsellors, they will answer all your questions related to MBBS abroad education and MBBS admissions.
Once the MBBS admission is confirmed with Kazakh Russian Medical University, Kazakhstan our documentation team follow up with you to complete all the admission procedure and assist you in smooth boarding to begin your travel for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS in Kazakh Russian Medical University

Is Kazakh Russian Medical University MCI approved?

The medical course provided by the Kazakh Russian Medical University is as per the NMC norms and hence it is approved by NMC or MCI to pursue MBBS from Kazakhstan.

Is Kazakh Russian Medical University good?

Kazakh Russian Medical University is definitely a good college as it is ranked among the first-class MBBS schools in Kazakhstan by the World Health Organization (WHO).

What is the world rank of Kazakh Russian Medical University?

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University is one of the top public universities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It holds good rank in the world ranking.

What is the MBBS fee in Kazakh Russian Medical University?

MBBS Fee in Kazakh Russian Medical University is low and affordable than many other medical institutions in the world.

Is MBBS in Kazakhstan better than India?

MBBS in Kazakhstan is an excellent choice for Indian students looking for an international destination to have an affordable medical education.

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