Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Kyrgyzstan

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Degree programme as per NMC (National Medical Commission) norms.


Approved by WHO (World Health Organization)

About Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Kyrgyzstan

East European university
Learn today – Lead tomorrow with this motto; on Jul 5, 1996, the Kyrgyz state medical institute was re-labelled as Kyrgyz state medical academy.
The institute carved its name as one-of-a-kind with its premium advisory and organizational assistance, furnished with medical literature, and modernized research and innovation processes.
The curriculum at KSMA was devised with subjects like political economy, normal anatomy, biology, histology, general chemistry, physics, foreign languages, and others, all ensued after the arduous efforts of 16 teachers.
A mentor is the guiding light for the students. AT KSMA, we believe that students should be exposed to streams of research knowledge, and bags of experience. Thus, we pick highly-experienced and proficient mentors who can set the right example for the students in the world of medicine. We have 600 faculty members on board who are here to make a difference and contribute through their bit in the world of medicine.
You just have to dream and hold onto passion, the faculties at KSMA have got your back. Get in touch with the best faculty today. We encourage, empower and engage to speed up your process towards your dream to become a doctor.

Advantages of Getting Admission in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
We believe in a student-centric approach to chalk out a path towards interactive learning and pragmatic understanding.
We recruit our faculty from the best medical sectors worldwide, bringing chunks of knowledge to the table.
Our university is the top-ranked university and the oldest in the capital city.
All the hospitals in the city are affiliated with KSMA, promising learning opportunities, and internships.
We aim to meet the individual student needs, tossing away baffling academic problems that loiter in the passionate heads.
We evaluate the academic strength of the students and guide them through their journey of achieving their dream profession.
Our faculty is always at the forefront of research excellence, linking scheduled studies with new findings.
Our program success is well-defined by our alumni who are currently working in different settings and different first-world countries.
Our departmental faculty believes in interdisciplinary teamwork and learning opportunities.
We vouch to offer a good campus and off-campus life.

Why to choose Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Rapid personal growth
Personal growth is a sign of pacing on the right track in life. We ensure that our students have the right guidance, opportunities, and facilities to pin a green flag of growth on their map of success.

Quality education
We collaborate with leading researchers, professionals, and doctors to ensure that our students can receive a quality education. We mold professionals, we mold leaders of tomorrow.

No entrance examination barriers
Have you been stressing your spines with the weight of entrance exams to get into ivy universities? Not anymore. AT KSMA, we ensure that you don’t have to worry about temporary tests so that you can focus on significant tests.

Cost-effective program
Getting into a reputed medical college is a dream for many, however, merely a few can afford it. We believe you need to have passion more than the money in your bank accounts. Our program is cost-effective so that you don’t have to fret about the finances.

Seek global recognition
The globe has knitted strings of opportunities for young bubbling talent like yours. We aim to bring you those opportunities on the platter with our globally recognized medical degree.

Meeting dietary needs
A happy stomach is a happy heart! AT KSMA, we ensure that your dietary requirements are met with delicious snacks and meals.


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“My overall experience has been fantastic so far. I’m so glad that I made a choice and chose eWings. eWings helped me achieve my dream to study MBBS abroad. There are so many advantages of studying MBBS at Georgia and till now I haven’t found any drawbacks.”


“I have had the best educational mentoring experience with eWings. They care about what we, as students, are looking for in our medical education and open doors. I am lucky to have come across eWings, which made my dream of pursuing medical studies abroad worthwhile.”


“ATSMU has got one of the best infrastructural facilities and brilliant medical faculty. My college provides the students with every facility they might require. All thanks to counselors in eWings who cleared all my doubts and helped me choose this college.”

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